Chiropractie Natuurlijk


During your first consultation you can expect the following:


  • Questionnaire
  • Interview with your chiropractor


  • Chiropractic tests
  • Myovision scan
  • X-ray analysis (if necessary)   
Diagnosis and treatment plan
As a result of the intake and examination the chiropractor will make a diagnosis and a proposal for the treatment plan.

Your first consultation usually includes your first treatment.

In chiropractic care we distinguish three phases of treatment:

Phase 1: Stabilization
The first phase of chiropractic treatment is a process of stabilization of the body. To achieve the best results, it is recomended to schedule appointments 2 or 3 times a week (depending on your personal situation). During this phase it is possible that reactions occur, such as muscle tightness, headache or fatigue. These are natural reactions of the body and occur in muscles that haven't functioned properly (overload/underload). The reaction can also be caused by toxics being released. These reactions are only temporary. We kindly advise you to drink lots of water and take enough rest.

Phase 2: Reconstruction
The intention of this phase is to let the body (spine, joints, muscles and ligaments) adjust to normal circumstances. After the stabilizing, an environment is created for a good, soft healing of the tissue. This is crucial because this tissue supports the vertebrae and ligaments.

NOTE: during this phase it is still important that, although the frequency of the treatments will be less and the pain probably subsides, the process of healing is still in a crucial phase. Overloading can cause a relapse. Talk to your chiropractor before you resume any heavy activities!

Phase 3: Maintenance
After these two phases it is recommended to still schedule appointments on a regular basis, so you can be checked for misalignments. Not only to keep your health, but also to prevent new or recurring problems. Since everybody has a different body and a different lifestyle, the frequency of the check-up will be different as well. Your chiropractor will advise you.

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Mrs. M. K. (51), Delft:
Very scary at first! Everything's squeeking. But the treatment improved my condition rapidly. I don't suffer from neckaches anymore. Read more »

Chiropractor of the year 2010

Dr. Shamim Khorsand On 18 september 2010 was Shamim Khorsand chosen by members of the Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF) as chiropractor of the year.

"His dedication, expertise, efforts to organize the Chiropractie week and commitment to chiropractic led no doubt for members of DCF to choose him as chiropractor of the year. "

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