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Myovision scan

The Myovion scan makes it possible for you to see what the chiropractor can feel. It records muscle tension in relation to misaligned vertebrae. The scan clearly reveals the position of pinched and irritated nerves, even though it is not the location of your pain.

After a couple of sessions, usually once the stabilization phase of the treatment is completed, you can make an appointmenta for new scan. So you don't just feel the difference, you can also see the difference.

Click on the image below to see aan example of a scan made with the Myovision scan 8000. The regular price for a scan is € 60,00. Attend one of our information lectures and avail of a FREE Myovision scan.
myovision scan

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Mrs. M. K. (51), Delft:
Very scary at first! Everything's squeeking. But the treatment improved my condition rapidly. I don't suffer from neckaches anymore. Read more »

Chiropractor of the year 2010

Dr. Shamim Khorsand On 18 september 2010 was Shamim Khorsand chosen by members of the Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF) as chiropractor of the year.

"His dedication, expertise, efforts to organize the Chiropractie week and commitment to chiropractic led no doubt for members of DCF to choose him as chiropractor of the year. "

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